Sell Junk Car Services in Pittsburgh, PA

If you have a junk car just hanging out on your property, don't let it go to waste. Instead, turn to PGH Junk to get great cash for your junk car. Junk cars are full of priceless treasures, so let us give you the money you deserve and get that eyesore off your lawn. We are happy to serve the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

Why Sell Your Junk Car?

If you're not in the market to get cash for junk cars, you should be. You benefit by:

  • Helping the environment: A junk car can be unsafe, with its ability to contaminate soil and release toxins. Instead, let a junk car be of use. It usually has many car components ready for reuse, which, in turn, helps the environment.
  • Getting ready cash: If you need cash for an upcoming vacation or bill or simply want to start a savings account, a junk car can help. You might be surprised how much your junk car is actually worth, even if it doesn't seem in the best condition.
  • Having a better-looking property: Has your junk car sat on the street near or driveway on your property for years? If you're tired of neighbors complaining about your non-usable car, then we can help your property look its best again.

PGH Junk can help you get cash on the spot with our easy sell junk car services.

Why Choose Us?

PGH Junk is dedicated to salvaging any junk car we receive. We are able to take any vehicle, including trucks and vans, off your hands, with great pricing, free pickup and towing, and guaranteed cash for any car in any condition.

Tired of a broken vehicle taking up space on your property? Call us today at (412) 584-2481 to discuss your vehicle with us. We'll be over as soon as possible with cash in hand!